If you club is not listed, this means there were not at least two runners who declared your club in the past/previous year.  If you believe this is in error, please submit a ticket with the names of at least two people who did declare the club last year.  This will allow a technician to research this issue further and see if there is in fact a technical error or not.

To get your club added, submit your online applications as instructed (or manual applications if you do not have an online account application from a previous year) and WRITE IN your club name, HIGHLIGHT it in yellow or other bright color highlighter, and ATTACH a post-it or other not to the FRONT of the application saying "Running Club not listed online".  This will flag your application for a manual update.  These types of updates are only done once per year during the application processing.

If you do not have an online application, simply submit your regular application with the appropriate club affiliation, no other steps need to be taken.  The extra steps mentioned above are only necessary when submitting an automated application through the online system. 


  • At least TWO runners from a previous year must have declared their club affiliation for a running club to appear as an option in this year's online application system.
  • Be sure to HIGHLIGHT any changes in an application when it is mailed in with an attached note explaining you have a new club affiliation.