NOTE: If you DID NOT receive a postcard in the mail this article does NOT apply to you. 

  • If your email is inaccurate you can submit a ticket to have your email address updated/corrected here .  Remember, your application must be sent in on time regardless and no exceptions can be made for technical difficulties.  

  • If your email is "missing" or all else fails you can always download a blank application on the website when available here:, fill it out, and send it in.  Please write clearly and fill in all information accurately.  Your information will automatically be updated for the next year after being processed.

Again, do not delay sending in your application because of any issue as it will not be considered as an excuse since you have the option to download a blank application and send it in.


  • postcards are not mailed each year
  • no duplicate email addresses are allowed
  • duplicate email addresses on race applications will cause only ONE of those applications to be allowed on the online application system
  • to submit a technical support ticket goto: