Emails are sent to those who are eligible to use the online system and was a registered race participant the previous year.  If you did not receive an email then (1) you were not entered in last year's race, (2) your email address is incorrect or (3) the email did not reach you because it is in your spam/junk folder or has been blocked.  

You can still login even if the wrong email address is associated with your profile, but you must know what that email address is, and use it as your login name.  You can refer to the password article here for information about your password.

If we did not receive a valid email address you will not be able to use the automated application system. Email addresses can be changed, missing or illegible email addresses result in not being able to use the online system and you must download an application, fill it out and send it in as in previous years. Please be sure to PRINT CLEARLY your email address on your new application. 

if you did not run in the race the previous year, you would not receive a notification.  Profiles CANNOT be created for non-previous year runners who successfully were registered with a valid application on file. 

If you need your email address updated/changed this requires a technical support ticket to be submitted.  This can take several days to complete so it is important to do this during the year, not days before the applications are available online.   We suggest making such requests between July and February to avoid any delay in accessing your application when made available in March.


  • ONE email per runner
  • ONE runner per email
  • Do NOT use the same email address for multiple people if you wish to use the online application system, this will NOT work.  Only one person will have an online account, the other applications with duplicate email addresses will fall out of the system and no account will be created
  • Previous year's participants will receive an email to let them know they can use the online system.
  • Two or more previous year (back to 2016) participants can also use the online system if but you may not receive an email reminder.
  • Email addresses cannot be changed by the user, it requires a technical support ticket and can take 10 or more days to process the request