If you move your mouse over “ADMIN”, you will see a drop down list like above that says “Volunteer Pool”.  Click on this link.  You will see all the potential volunteers that have not been assigned to a team.  Their skills and interests are listed in the default view.  To view their entire profile, click on “VIEW” at the beginning of the line.  You can also contact the volunteer to see if they are a good fit for your team. 

To assign them to your team, simply click on “EDIT” at the end of the line.  You will then see the screen below. 

If you scroll down you will see two key sections 1) Administrative Info, and 2) Team Assignment Information. 

DO NOT change or use the ADMINISTRATIVE INFO section. 

Under “TEAM ASSIGNMENT INFORMATION”, the first option is the team name. 

  • TEAM ASSIGNMENT: Click on the drop-drown arrow to see a full list of all Dipsea Race Teams.  Select your team. 
  • POSITION ASSIGNED: Next assign this volunteer a position.  The default setting is “Assistant”, you can also assign a custom name by choosing “other” and enter the title in the text box to the right.
  • DATE TO REPORT: This is the date of the race in most cases.  Some volunteers report the day before for example.  Enter the date the volunteer should report for duty.
  • START TIME: This is the time the volunteer should arrive to check-in, NOT report to your team.  Please allow time for the volunteer to check-in at the designated location and walk to their assigned location.  You should allow at least 20 minutes in most cases.  So if you expect the person to be at your location by 7:30am, please put 7:10am for their check-in time. 
  • END TIME: this is optional – if you would like to inform the volunteer when they can expect to be done for the day – you can enter that time here.
  • TEAM LEADER: In most cases this is the captain of the team.  In the drop down list you will see a list of names and phone numbers.  This information will be provided to the volunteer as their point of contact.  In some cases you will not enter the team captain name.  For example, if you are the captain, your contact person should not be yourself, but rather your Chairperson.  OR you may have co-captains, you can provide the co-captain’s information as their point of contact.
  • CHECK-IN INSTRUCTIONS: In this drop down list you select the instructions of where the volunteer reports to for check-in on the date you selected.  The list may look confusing at first, but simply look for the ALL CAPS description and click on that.  For example if your team is at the finish line, simply click on FINISH in the list so that the volunteer will report to the volunteer check-in table at the finish line. 
  • CAPTAIN’S INSTRUCTIONS:  This is an optional entry where the captain can enter specific instructions for the volunteer.  This information will appear in their volunteer letter we send to all volunteers prior to each race.  

When you are finished, be sure to click on “Save” at the bottom of the page.

If you need further help regarding assigning volunteers from the volunteer pool, you can contact your race committee chairperson, the volunteer coordinator or email volunteer-admin@dipsea.org.