To enter a new person (or to sign up), simply click on SIGN-UP as shown below

After you click on SIGN-UP, you will see a form to complete that asks about the potential volunteers interests, skills, contact information, T-Shirt size,  we also ask if the volunteer is 18 or over , and if they are interested in receiving communications regarding Dipsea projects such as preserving the trail.

Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom.

Before you can successfully submit the entry, the system will check that you entered all required information.  If you did not, you will be prompted to do so, and what the missing information is. You also must answer the “CAPTCHA” correctly.  They are simple math problems  to answer, but help us avoid spam from the internet. In the example above you must answer 8 x 4, which is 32.  Enter 32 in the box.

The volunteer will then be placed in the Volunteer Pool where they can be reviewed and matched to a team where they have expressed an interest and/or related skills.

If you are team captain in need of additional volunteers, or need to have a volunteer assigned to your team, please contact the volunteer coordinator, or Race Chairperson for your related section of the race; start, trail, finish, or other. 

If you are unsure who to contact, or need further help regarding signing up to be a volunteer, you can also email

NOTE: If you have a volunteer without an email address, enter for their email address. If they do not have a physical mailing address enter PO BOX 30, Mill Valley, CA  94942 (the dipsea mailing address).   If they do not have a phone number, enter (415) 331-3550.