When you view your team summary report should reflect your current team.  Please confirm the return of each volunteer in your list.  To do this, change the “Date to Report” to reflect this year’s date (usually race day).  This confirms your volunteer is returning.  

You can see these dates in your list.  If you see last year’s date – this volunteer was not confirmed.  If a volunteer is not returning this year, move their “team assignment” to “2-inactive”.  Then add a note in PRIVATE notes (not captain’s notes or anywhere else – ONLY in private notes near the bottom of the screen) that says why you removed them from your team, date, and your name. (explanation, date, your name) (e.g. “can’t work this year because of a wedding – 4/12/16 John Potter) and update the profile.  They will no longer appear in your team list this year. 

If they return in the future, you can add them back to your team by contacting the volunteer coordinator.