If you are a:
  • 1) Volunteer: there is no login.  You received a private link when you signed up that you use to update contact information as well as viewing information about assignments, captain's instructions, and more.
  • 2) Captain or Administrator: You must be given an account to login.  
    • If you have been given an account:  Simply navigate to the team or report you wish to view.  You will be prompted to login at that time.
    • If you have not requested an account: You need to do so.  You can use the contact form to submit your request.  Be sure to include why you are requesting access and to what (i.e. I am the captain of xyz team, I was asked by Mr Doe to help contact his volunteers, I am a member of the admin team working with Mr. Doe), your email address you want to use, the login you wish to use, and if you have a preference on a password provide that (otherwise the system will generate one for you).