Some people are receiving an error while trying to use a link sent to them to reset their password.

In each case we have investigated this error, the user had made multiple password reset requests.  Each time you do this, a new token is associated with the link sent to the user and any previous links are automatically expired.  Therefore you must use ONLY the latest link sent to you.

We advise users to NOT make multiple requests to reset your password until at least two hours have passed and you are sure you did NOT receive the reset password email (including in your spam folder) and pay careful attention to the date/time stamp on the automated email responses received.  

We believe that multiple requests may also trigger security responses by the server, up to and including blocking you from logging in and using any subsequent links sent to you.  Clicking on the reset password button multiple times could be seen as an attempt to illegally accessing your profile by the service and your profile may not be accessible for a period of time after that.

If you continue to have an issue resetting your password, and you have waited a day between requests you can submit a ticket to have your token manually reset.  

PLEASE NOTE if you fail to follow the instructions above and we reset your token the problem will just happen again and you will not be able to use the provided link once again - and the problem repeats itself.  Please only make one password reset request at a time, per account.  


  • Multiple clicks on the "reset password" button may cause your account to be locked
  • Please wait at least two hours between attempting to reset your password.
  • If your account is locked, you will have to submit a technical support ticket to get your issue resolved: