If you "created an account" you did not do so on the application website.  It is not possible to do so.  Most people who have this issue have created a support account with freshdesk.com that we use for technical support tickets, as well as hundreds of other organizations.   The account you created allows you access to support tickets and tracking (but it not necessary to do so).  

The support site is:  dipsea.freshdesk.com (for tracking technical issues)

The Race Application website is: application.dipsea.org (for updating your profile and printing race applications)

Please look carefully that you are using the correct website.  


  • Online application accounts CANNOT be created by you  
  • ONLY applications admitted in a previous year's race are available on the website.
  • Be sure to carefully note which website you are using when asking for technical support. 
  • To submit a technical support ticket goto: https://dipsea.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new