Duplicate email addresses are NOT allowed.  Applications using duplicate email addresses will NOT be available online. The same email address CANNOT be assigned to more than one application. If an email is used more than once on an application from this year or a previous year, the user account of the duplicate email address was not created and/or removed.  Only one application can have the same email address.  

Any profiles that do not contain a valid and unique email address cannot access the online application and cannot be modified until next year.  You must submit a manual application 

Be sure to include unique email addresses for any application you wish to be available online next year on the current year's application, clearly written.  It will be added to the online system.  This process only happens once a year, and cannot be repeated.

You would have received an email and/or postcard with the name of each person who can use the online system.  ONLY the person who has an email associated with it can use their profile - it cannot be assigned to another person for any reason.  This is how to know who does and who does not have access to the online system.

To correct this be sure to provide a unique email address for each application you submit this year, clearly written on your signed application.  Your application will be accessible next year.  

ADVANCED SOLUTION: Some people have found that a personal email address that they used for someone other than themselves (such as a child) was assigned to the other individual rather than themselves.  For example John Doe submitted three applications last year using his email address on each one for his wife and child.  The only application now available online is his child's application.  In this case he and his wife are not able to use the online system this year.  To solve this problem the following steps must be completed.

  1. Submit a ticket to request to change the existing child's application to a new unique email address that does not currently exist anywhere in the database this year as soon as you notice the issue.
  2. The application will be updated and you will use this new email address to login and submit the application this year, the new email address will appear on the current year's application.
  3. John Doe and his wife must fill out an application manually as they have done in past years, and submit it following the directions provided with the application. 
  4. John Doe and Mrs. Doe must provide a valid, unique, and legibly written email address on each of this year's applications. 
  5. Next year all three indiduals will receive notification with the associated email address indicated on each notification.  
  6. All three individuals can then access their online applications, print and send them in following the directions given.

  • Unique email addresses must be used for EACH application submitted.
  • Application accounts CANNOT be created the same year.
  • Manually submit an application with new and unique email addresses for each application submitted.  You will have an online account the following year.
  • To submit a technical support ticket goto: https://dipsea.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new