We have been working diligently to reduce paperwork, volunteer labor, and expenses on the Annual Dipsea Race application process.  In 2015 we completed the first test of the online application that resulted in great success in ease of application processing, paper reduction, greater efficiency, and reduced labor hours.  Starting in 2017 the Annual Dipsea Race board voted to allow all previous runners to use the system after two years of testing selected runners.  

Please remember that all work is still done 100% by volunteers that make the race happen, including all the technical and software development work has been donated.  

We are working hard to improve things and we review all suggestion, complaints, and feedback.  We hope you find the new system to be easier, faster, and has smaller impact on our environment that we all care so deeply about.  

In the SOLUTIONS area you will find help articles designed to answer the most common questions.  If you have a question that you have heard asked a few times and don't see it - please send it in as a support ticket and let us know.  Our best ideas have come from the runner's themselves, so keep it up!

Thank you!